Can maps be embedded into website?

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KImH posted this 22 June 2016

I know maps can be shared, but I haven't been able to find the actual options for sharing. Is it just through a link in an email? Sending a screenshot image?

We'd like to embed a clickable map for customers on our business website. 
If I can embed a map:
Does that map update when I update it on Pinmaps?

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Admin posted this 23 June 2016

Yes you can embed your map on a web site.

  1. You can share a link that points to your map. Click on the "Share Map" from the tool bar and share the resulting URL. Like this one:
  2. You can email that link to anyone you want using your email client or our own "Email Map" functionality
  3. One way you can embed the map on your map is to take a screenshot of you map and put a link to your map on the image. That's a great option if you are using the free service. See sample image below.
  4. If you are a paid user, you can use our "Map Widget" to embed the actual map on your web site. The map will get updated anytime you add a pin to it. Click the "Dashboard" link on the top menu or the three bar menu and click the "Embed Map Widget" link from the left menu.

Here is a link to the widget samples page:

KImH posted this 23 June 2016

Thank you so much for that information! It is very helpful. 

KImH posted this 23 June 2016

Another question: Will we be able to update via the website, or does the updating have to be done directly through the widget?

Admin posted this 23 June 2016

Adding or editing pin cannot be done using the widget. The widget only displays data.

KImH posted this 24 June 2016


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