If you have a Google account and you're signed in to Google you will see a "user' icon" on many Web sites that use the Google map API which is the Pinmaps.net case.

Why would you like to have this functionality available?
It will allow you to save locations on Pinmaps that will also be available on Google maps 
This location will be displayed on the map as a yellow star and will be shown on any Google enable maps that has the signed in functionality.

This setting is not enable by default, so you need to click on your "dashboard" link and click the settings page. Check the
box next to the " Signed-in to Google Account" label.

When this setting is enable you will see the "google icon" on your Pinmaps map.

Learn more about Google Maps on other websites and the Signed-in Maps

google Sing-in link

Star icon to a save location