PDF of Map Size Change

  • Last Post 21 November 2015
JohnE posted this 21 November 2015

I have created a map with 45 locations throughout the US and a small part of Canada. In viewing my map I can see all the points, however when I convert the map to pdf, it cuts off points on the far left coast and far right coast. If I zoom out and create the pdf, it is too far zoomed out and I lose the level of detail we can see. Is there a way to alter so that the pdf that is created is exactly what I see when I am working on my map on the site?

Admin posted this 21 November 2015

That’s because the map you see on the map page is sized based on your monitor dimensions. In order for the exported image to look very close to what you see on screen you need to change the "Page Dimensions" on the PDF converter window.
Let me give you an example. Say I want to export my map as an image file so I can use it as a "Walpaper" for my PC. My computer screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.
What I need to do in this case is to select "Convert to Image" format JPG, and type in the dimensions width: 1920px, height 1080px.
The resulting image will look perfect for my screen size and very close to what I see on the map page.
However; remember that the right panel and the header on the map page takes part of the real state.
In that case the map that I see on my computer screen is about 1647 x 791 pixels.
If I export the map with those dimensions the resulting image will be identical to the map on the Web Site. Click to see the examples below.
Exported map   Map on my screen
Notice how the map itself is identical to the exported image.
Note: the screenshot of my map is blurry (because of my screenshot software), but the exported one looks a lot sharper.
Another option is to create map "Snapshots" to export different map views.