Pin houses within a village

  • Last Post 19 February 2017
Alex Evans posted this 18 February 2017

I am managing a website for my retirement village. The entire village has 239 individual units but we all share the same postal address. The units are numbered 1...239.

Is it possible to setup a satelaite view map with a Number Pin on top of each unit? How?

Admin posted this 19 February 2017

Yes, you can accomplish what you need adding the pins right on the roof of each building using the "Add Pin" button located on the map toolbar.
That button allows you to add pins by clicking on any location on the map.

The way I would do this project is to add the first pin using the search by address functionality and after that I would add the next pins using the "Add Pin" button.

When you have a pin on the map and you feel the pin is not on the right location you want, you can drag the pin and put it wherever you want and click the edit button and then the save button to keep it on that location.

Below is a screenshot of an example that I put together for you.