Un-Password protect

  • Last Post 22 November 2015
Isaac posted this 22 November 2015

I created maps and shared them with my company, it was great for them to use on their phones. I password protected the maps and now they have to create an account to view them? it wont allow them to just put in the password, it forces them on the phone to create a brand new account, which most people will not do.

Is it possible to un-password protect my maps?

Admin posted this 22 November 2015

Yes, you can remove the password protection.

On the Share Map window un-check the "Password Protected" box and click "Stop Sharing".

The click again "Star Sharing" and the map will be shared without a pasword.

When you share a password protected map the other users do not need to create an account to view the map. All they need to type in is the password, so you need to provide them with the password.

This way only the people with the password can access them map. However this only applies to the desktop map an you're right it doesn't apply to the mobile map.